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Providing one-stop contract solutions for chinese companies and lawyers in cross-border and domestic transactions with AI

The docQbot Mission


At docQbot our mission is to help companies do business in China more efficiently and cost effectively and to help legal professionals in China provide higher value at lower cost. We do this by providing high-quality legal content and know-how that comply with international standards and domestic business practices, coupled with leading-edge LegalTech tools.


We aim to improve the delivery of professional legal services with advanced technology in order to help facilitate the full range of China-related business transactions. We aspire to help bridge the gap between legal professionals and business managers and between foreign enterprises and their Chinese counterparts.


• Creating value for our users by integrating our market-leading legal know-how with world-class technology tools.
• Adhering to the highest standards of ethics, security, confidentiality and corporate social responsibility.
• Always remembering that people are at the core of everything we do.


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The docQbot Solution

The leading provider of technology-supported legal solutions in China

Using docQbot's automated contract drafting tool (powered by HotDocs), just by answering a few commercially-focused questions, both non-lawyers and lawyers alike can draft a highly-customized contract in English and/or Chinese, usually in just 15 minutes or less! And if you need offline legal assistance, we can refer you to a qualified lawyer in more than 100 countries around the world and across all key regions of China.

docQbot's automated contract review tool uses LegalSifter's leading natural language processing and machine learning AI technology to help both non-lawyers and lawyers alike to review China-related English-language international trade contracts. The docQbot english contract review tool reviews the contract from your perspective and identifies up to 60 or more risk issues and ranks them by the level of importance: higher, medium or lower. The docQbot english contract review tool then gives you practical, easy to understand advice about how to address the issue to protect your interests. All in usually 2 minutes or less!

docQbot Chief Expert

Robert Lewis

All of the docQbot templates in the bilingual contract drafting tool have been developed under the direct supervision of Robert Lewis, drawing upon his experience working on thousands of ODI, FDI and cross-border and domestic transactions in China over a period of more than 25 years, both at leading US, UK and Chinese law firms as well as serving as Asia general counsel of a major multinational corporation.

In addition, the interface, including the structure and logical sequencing of the online question tree as well as the related guidance notes of the bilingual contract drafting tool, and the Commercial Risk Report with risk rating, help text for key risk issues and sample clauses of the english contract review tool have also all been prepared under the direct supervision of Mr. Lewis to ensure the best possible user experience.

吕立山(Robert Lewis)

docQbot Technology Partners

  • HotDocs

    HotDocs is the world's leading automated contract software system developer and has more than 1 million users in more than 11,500 organizations in more than 60 countries around the world. Its technology has already helped users in a wide range of industry sectors reduce contract turn-around time, improve both quality and efficiency, save time and money, and reduce related transaction risks for more than 30 years.

    >> For more information, please visit www.hotdocs.com

  • LegalSifter

    LegalSifter was founded in 2013, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city at the heart of artificial intelligence evolution. It helps its clients review contracts more efficiently and less costly by using natural language processing and machine learning AI technology.

    LegalSifter has partnered with many law firms in the U.S., Australia and Singapore to serve English-speaking clients all over the world.

    >> For more information, please visit www.legalsifter.com