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China's leading provider for cross-border legal know-how solutions

Who We Are

docQbot is a leader in automated cross-border legal know-how in China and is committed to combining professional legal knowledge and practice with leading technology and offline resources. docQbot provides solutions for China cross-border contracts using professional and intuitive legal technology products and services.

Our Mission

  • Mission

    Promote the automation of legal know-how
    to help more people benefit from the law

  • Vision

    Serve 10k+ businesses, 100k+ lawyers,
    and 100m+ individuals

  • Values

    Creating value for our users by integrating our market-leading legal know-how with world-class technology tools

Chief Expert

  • Robert Lewis

    Co-founder & Chief Expert

    Mr. Lewis has more than 30 years of experience in international commercial law and has practiced in China for nearly 28 years. Mr. Lewis has experience as a senior partner in top law firms in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, and has served as Asia general counsel of a major multinational corporation. At the same time, Mr. Lewis is also the founder of China's most recognized law firm alliance - the Sino-Global Legal Alliance (SGLA), and co-founder of the leading overseas investment information and consulting platform - the China Going Global Think Tank (CGGT). His publications include The Dawn of a New Era for FDI in China: A Practical Guide to China's New Foreign Investment Law and The Rules of the Game of Global M&A: Why so Many Chinese Outbound Investments Fail among others.

    As docQbot's Chief Expert, Mr. Lewis is directly responsible for leading the development of all docQbot's online content and the provision of supporting offline services.

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