The Foreign Investment Law means new challenges for your FIEs. One of the first challenges is FIE Conversion.

Under China's Foreign Investment Law, which became effective in January 2020, all 500,000+ foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) in China - including both Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises and wholly foreign-owned enterprises - will need to convert their corporate documents to comply with the corporate governance requirements of the Company Law before the end of December 2024. We call this conversion FIE Conversion.

If you fail to complete the conversion work in a timely and accurate manner, your FIE will face the risks of non-compliance. Since FIE conversion involves more than a simple filing, whether you have just one or many FIEs, we strongly recommend that you act as soon as possible and begin to formulate a strategic plan for the conversion work for your FIE(s).

Are you running into problems in your FIE conversion projects?

  • Don't know where to start

    Have you decided to begin the process, but aren't sure where you should start?

  • Corporate documents among FIEs are not uniform and cumbersome to modify

    Do you manage many FIEs that were established at different times or in different locations, or that used different templates for the Articles of Association?

  • Company group-specific terms

    Does the foreign parent company require that the corporate governance regulations in your FIE's corporate documents comply with group-specific standards?

  • Traditional outsourcing is not cost-effective

    Have you considered outsourcing this work to law firms, but are worried about high lawyer fees or the quality of the results?

Don't worry, leave it to us! Our FIE experts have spent thousands of hours to develop a professional, systematized tool - FIe-conversion

A One-stop Online/Offline Systemized Solution for FIE Conversion

  • Incorporates specialized Company Law expertise and know-how, explains what FIEs need to do and how to do it, all in an intuitive workflow for ease of reference

  • All content has been crafted by an international team of lawyers with decades of experience advising foreign companies in their China-related investments

  • The comprehensive and dynamic "amendment" option enables you to accurately and efficiently revise your FIE's existing corporate documents

  • You can use docQbot's FIE conversion tool yourself or you can outsource this work to docQbot. Leveraging our proprietary tool, our offline professional services team is the most professional and cost-effective option available for outsourcing this work

  • The quick and professional "replacement" option allows you to skip the hassle of making detailed amendments, and replaces your old documents with new Company Law-compliant documents, tailored to your specific circumstances

How the docQbot FIE conversion tool works

  • Secure Portal

    We create a secure online portal for each WFOE and JV conversion project.

  • Systemized Workflow

    We systematize and automate each step in the entire process workflow.

  • Automated Tools

    We provide automated tools for shareholders meetings and board meetings that fully comply with the Company Law.

FIE conversion work may take different forms – select the option that works best for you!


Replace Existing AOA

Amend Existing AOA


Amend Existing JVC and AOA

Replace Existing JVC and AOA

FLEXIBLE Service Models

  • In-sourced
    Service Model

    Corporate law departments can
    use our powerful tools to do the
    FIE conversion work in-house.

  • Out-sourced
    Service Model

    or you can outsource the work to
    our expert legal team!

Watch our videos to learn more

  • 中外合资企业股东会架构


  • Shareholders Meeting Structures for Sino-Foreign JVs

    docQbot Expert System for Post-Conversion
    JV Contracts and WFOE AoA

    How can JVs set up a shareholders meeting structure under the Foreign Investment Law which took effect on 1 January 2020?
Law firm back-office version slated to come online in Q1 2022