Drafting Contract,Use Bilingual Contract Drafting Tool

Through our easy to use platform, lawyers and non-lawyers can draft highly customized English and/or Chinese contracts, usually in less than 15 minutes, by answering simple business questions! Providing you with a one-stop bilingual contract solution!

  • 15 minutes or less

    Draft a customized bilingual
    contract within 15 minutes!

  • Customized bilingual contract

    It can be customized for high quality inbound,
    outbound, or domestic bilingual contracts

  • Thousands of variations

    A template can generate thousands of
    different customized drafts

Review Contract,Use English Contract Review Tool

Using natural language processing and machine learning techniques to help companies, lawyers and non-lawyers review English language contracts related to Chinese business, it can identify more than 60 key risk issues with greater than 93% accuracy.

  • In 2 minutes or less

    It can review an English language foreign
    trade contract in 2 minutes or less!

  • The recall rate is over 95%

    It can identify more than 60 key risk issues in English foreign trade contracts, and conduct risk grading and intelligent positioning

  • Accuracy as high as 93%

    Risk identification and positioning accuracy of up to 93%
    through expert guidance and machine deep learning

  • 30years

    Professional experience

  • 100+

    Countries and territories

  • 15minutes

    Draft a bilingual contract

  • 2minutes

    Review an English contract

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Our team

docQbot provides a level of service equalivent to an international lawyer with 30 years of experince

Robert Lewis

All of the docQbot templates in the bilingual contract drafting tool have been developed under the direct supervision of Robert Lewis, drawing upon his experience working on thousands of ODI, FDI and cross-border and domestic transactions in China over a period of more than 25 years, both at leading US, UK and Chinese law firms as well as serving as Asia general counsel of a major multinational corporation.

In addition, the interface, including the structure and logical sequencing of the online question tree as well as the related guidance notes of the bilingual contract drafting tool, and the Commercial Risk Report with risk rating, help text for key risk issues and sample clauses of the english contract review tool have also all been prepared under the direct supervision of Mr. Lewis to ensure the best possible user experience.

What our clients say

User satisfaction is our greatest motivation

docQbot can quickly form a relatively complete draft of a transaction document, which is convenient for users to use as a foundation for in depth work, and the efficiency of the tool is a significant improvement over working without it. The contract package provides a bilingual contract template, which is high quality, and it is valuable for helping clients with foreign legal issues.

Yalan Deng

Partner @Beijing DeHeng Law Offices

I am honored to be one of the first batch of customers of docQbot! My team and I often have to deal with cross-border transactional legal matters, and docQbot has become the legal AI at our fingertips, helping us to provide our customers with "global" legal services more accurately and efficiently.

Penghe Yan

Director @Zhong Yin Law Firm

docQbot is the best Chinese and English dual language AI product in the China market so far. It is a very useful tool for improving the efficiency and quality of legal services as well as for training young lawyers, and we expect it will have a profound impact on the legal profession.

Scott Guan

Partner @Zhong Lun Law Firm

It is my hope that these templates can be adopted by relevant government departments and lawyers associations as a semi-official or at least recommended set of templates in order to encourage broad acceptance and facilitate negotiations of foreign investment projects going forward.

Xi Zhang

Former VP and Head of LPC @Bayer China

The tools provided by docQbot are part of an innovative legal services model that combines legal expertise with technology, and are an outstanding example of the value that this model can provide to international attorneys. docQbot's unique ability to create Chinese-English bilingual contracts has made me more comfortable providing internationally related legal services. The automated contract review tool for English language contracts has dramatically improved the efficiency with which I can audit these contracts. The tool also enables young lawyers interested in international related business to quickly understand the business processes and legal intricacies of cross-border transactions.

Zhuying Li

Director @Jiangsu Sundy (Jiang Bei New Area) Law Firm

Aaron Yu,Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm docQbot’s contract templates for the new Foreign Investment Law (FIL) are to date the best option for meeting the requirements of current law and practice in China and will inspire and assist legal practitioners in their development of FIL-related business. docQbot’s system provides lawyers and other users with a customized contract tailored for their needs, based on the settings selected by the user in response to simple questions, which not only makes it easy to use, but also saves its users a lot of time drafting – it’s a welcome innovation.

Aaron Yu

Partner @Zhong Lun Law Firm

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