Bilingual Contract Auto-drafting

Choose the contract you would like to draft, click through a guided online questionnaire and then download your unique, high-quality bilingual contract. All contract template content is crafted by lawyers with practice area expertise to ensure that your draft documents are professional and reliable!

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  • Less than 15 minutes

    A guided, dynamic questionnaire allows you to draft a professional contract in 15 minutes or less

  • Fully bilingual contracts

    docQbot contract templates are fully bilingual, crafted by experienced contract attorneys with native-level Chinese and English language proficiency

  • Tailored to suit your needs

    docQbot's questionnaire is dynamic, bilingual, and focused on commercial points; our in-context guidance and suggested default answers will help you stay in line with market practice

English Contract Auto-review

Are you concerned with potential risks in English contracts provided by your foreign counterparty? Is it too time-consuming to review English contracts? Try our English contract auto-review tool! docQbot can help you quickly identify high-, medium-, and low-risk points in 2 minutes, and provide you with expert guidance and recommendations in Chinese and alternative clauses in English for each point, helping you to easily handle English contract review by yourself!

Need more help? No problem! docQbot's offline English-language contract experts can provide you with efficient and professional English contract review services.

Check out our online/offline English contract review solution today!

  • Less than 2 minutes

    docQbot's AI tool will review a 50-page English contract and identify and categorize the high-, medium-, and low-risk points from your position - all in under 2 minutes

  • Professional content

    The auto-review tool has been empowered with content prepared by lawyers with China cross-border expertise to ensure a professional and reliable review

  • Optional expert review

    docQbot also offers the offline services of our English contract experts to provide you with a more flexible solution for English contract review

An FIE Conversion Solution for Your FIEs
- FIe-conversion

Do you own or manage a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) in China? The new Foreign Investment Law requires that any FIE established before January 1, 2020 must amend its existing corporate documents to comply with the corporate governance requirements under the Company Law before the end of 2024. This will require more than completing a simple form - it impacts the fundamental corporate governance structure of every FIE. We call this change FIE conversion.

This is why we have introduced our "FIe-conversion" toolkit - an online, guided FIE conversion solution for FIEs. docQbot's professional and intuitive design can help your FIE complete the FIE conversion work in-house in an efficient and professional manner.

Need more help? Don't worry! docQbot offers efficient outsourced professional FIE conversion services through its team of offline FIE conversion experts.

  • Professional and intuitive workflow design

    docQbot's guided FIE conversion workflow gives you a clear picture of what to do and how to do it

  • A solution for every FIE

    Whether replacing your out-of-date documents with a new personalized Company Law-compliant form, or making the minimum necessary changes to your existing documents, you can find the most suitable online conversion solution for your company

  • Flexible conversion service models

    docQbot offers both "in-house" and "outsourced" service models, providing you with a low-cost, professional and efficient FIE conversion experience

Offline Professional Services

We not only provide intuitive automated tools online, but we also provide offline professional services to match, so that you have a comprehensive,
flexible and professional "one-stop" solution.

  • Offline services supporting online tools

    Offline services supporting online tools

    In order to ensure a more comprehensive, flexible and professional experience, docQbot offers offline professional services connected with its online tools: bilingual contract drafting, English contract review, FIE conversion services, etc.

  • Offline professional services team

    Offline professional services team

    docQbot's offline professional services team includes experienced lawyers with expertise in contracts and China cross-border trade and investment matters. Our offline services team has embedded a portion of its expertise in the online tools, but also offers supporting offline services to ensure a flexible and professional experience.

  • Extensive offline services network within China and around the world

    Extensive offline services network within China and around the world

    In addition to docQbot's offline professional services team, we have also established extensive long-term cooperative relationships with top law firms and professional teams in different regions within China and abroad to ensure that we can provide you with offline, professional and localized services wherever you are.

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